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Lineflex Bayilik Başvurusu

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AK-İZO Yalıtım Sistemleri Tic. San. A.Ş, founded in 2005, is a company of Aktas Holding. Aktas Holding is a group of companies manufacturing air suspension systems for automotive industry and operating in the rubber industry since 1938. It embodied its rubber manufacturing completely with the investments of the new mixer and calender machine made during the years 2003-2004. Membranes of EPDM are rubber based and manufactured in these facilities. Compliance of the EPDM membranes manufactured by Aktas AS has been registered in accordance with all application areas. Lineflex EPDM membrane is CE certified and conformed to the European Standards of EN 13956, EN 13859, EN 13967 AK-İZO Yalıtım Sistemleri Tic. San. A.Ş. performs the sales and marketing of the EPDM membranes.

AK-İZO, our company has widened the use of the superior quality, high-performance Lineflex EPDM waterproofing membrane in domestic industry and undertook to become a trusted brand name in the waterproofing industry as duty.  Our company aims to achieve by the new investments to manufacture the other synthetic membranes that could not be manufactured in Turkey yet and to provide high-quality insulating materials to the national and international markets and taking the place among the major organizations with new materials and new techniques in the waterproofing industry and to be known about the activities and a preferred brand.

"AK-İZO Yalıtım Sistemleri A.Ş." has been established in 2005 in order to sell, market and implement EPDM Membrane products within Aktaş Holding.  In year 2008, it has been decided to invest for a seperate production line to produce Lineflex EPDM Membrane which had a rising market share and this new production line has been established by AK-İZO at the beginning of the year 2010.

With this product range, it has been successfully implemented on roofs, building base and side curtain applications on facades; cut and cover tunnel constructions, the pond bottoms (forest fire fighting ponds, farm ponds for irrigation, water collection ponds); swimming and decorative pools; water treatment plants; dilatation required buildings, etc.