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CE certificate, CE mark are related with the products included in the new approach directives, issued in the scope of the new approach policy, adopted by European Union in 1985 within the framework of technical regulation harmony and the related directive of EU of the products and are marks indicating that the products are compatible with the related directives of EU and passed all necessary compatibility evaluation tests. While CE mark was formed at the beginning with the initials of the "Conformite Européenne" words meaning “compatibility to the European norms” in French, it was used as the initials of the “community Europe” term since 1995 and symbolized as below.

In the directives published in the scope of the new approach policy, the definition of the product, the risks it carries, the minimum safety conditions it must have and the compatibility evaluation criteria are determined in detail.

CE mark doesn’t provide a quality assurance to the consumer, it only indicates that it has the minimum safety conditions. CE mark, on one hand, gives the information that the product is safe to the consumer, on the other hand, it has a kind of passport function during the circulation of the products from one member country to the other. It is mandatory that a product which has to bear this mark in the scope of the new approach has CE mark on it for entering a European Union country.

Why is the CE mark important?

Since “CE mark” is a mark attached to the products included in the scope of some new approach directives which are mandatory to be followed, the products which are included in the mentioned regulations and will be presented in the market in the EU member countries have to bear this mark. In other words, this mark has a kind of passport function for the products for entering circulation in the EU member countries. Since Turkey will apply the European Union regulations by adapting, as the related regulations put into effect, it will be mandatory that the products which will be launched in the country bear this mark.