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EPDM Membrane

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EPDM, a refinery product, is a synthetic rubber made of ethylene and propylene materials.  

While properties of natural rubber (high elasticity, thermal expansion, tensile strength, resistance to cold) cannot be changed in practice, in synthetic rubber a chemist is able to produce the rubber according to the required location of use and needs by influencing / changing the raw materials and molecular structure i.e. the style of the polymer structure of the rubber.

The most prominent feature of EPDM rubber comparing to others among rubber products is the ability to keep elasticity, tensile strength and tensile stretch even in the highest temperature changes that may occur; and to resist to the different weather conditions, solar radiation and ozone, acid and solutions.
EPDM membrane, due to its properties, offers perfect waterproofing solutions for the building foundations, and side curtain isolation, terrace and doom-type roofs, curtain walls, base of ponds, any kind of landscape and garden ponds and treatment plants. 
EPDM, maintenance free and proven durability

Flat roof insulation with EPDM is successfully implemented in Central Europe for 25 years. In tests of samples taken from EPDM membrane used for the buildings where an absolute waterproofing has been provided for 25 years, it was found that the sample still reaches to the desired values according to the related European Standard (DIN 7864). Therefore, it can be accepted that 25-year maintenance can be provided more for those buildings where a maintenance-free insulation has already been provided for 25 years. The advice and necessary support for the application to be made in construction site and consulting services in possible tenders is included in the service we offer as a manufacturer. 

EPDM- Environmentally friendly

The most appropriate choice is EPDM also for our customers who are environmentally conscious and paying attention to the use of harmless substances and products that are compatible with the natural environment which is coming into prominence in this day and age. Even the material characteristics of EPDM are a proof/indicator of that. As it is known, all rubber products, (EPDM, CSM, butyl-and nitrile rubber) does not decay and does not produce harmful by itself. Even in case of fire does not bring significant damages polluting the nature and environment and does not produce even dioxide. EPDM is a nature-friendly material due to fact that it is hardwearing product and does not require renewal requirements. It does not return to nature as a waste because of its life-long use; it is a valuable material already insomuch as not to dispose, because having a high heating value of the rubber that containing soot provides a fuel again for power generation in industry. Moreover, rubber, thanks to revaluation studies, are often revalued and used for flooring in particular. With method of pyrolysis, which is widely used in the recent years, rubber can be decomposed into the raw materials. Those features prevent the accumulation of rubber in nature, and from this point of view that is not harmful to nature.           

EPDM in roof and terrace

There are two options of application usually in application of insulation for roof and terrace. Application is done by either merging the strips of EPDM membrane in roof or terrace or by laying the pre-assembled/prepared EPDM membranes, in panels with size of the surface to be insulated. In both of options of application, EPDM membrane stripes are adhered to each other by thermal heat machines and thus a perfect seal is provided. In addition, all worldwide EPDM manufacturers continuously develop their application techniques.       
Sidebands, which are used for the adhesion of the EPDM membrane stripes to each other, ensure the protection of properties at bonding points as well as the content of material makes it possible to bond with the thermal bonding machines in construction side. Sealing is guaranteed with a suitable bonding method.