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Lineflex Bayilik Başvurusu
Self-Adhesive Membrane

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With Lineflex Adhesive Membrane, paste in one try!

In addition to existing water sealing with Lineflex self-adhesive EPDM membrane; you can save time, materials and labor costs. In addition, due to the application technique, water sealing problems that occur over time will go away. You will be able to save extra sealing costs with this new product that can provide long-lasting isolation on roof, facade, valley, gutter, hidden stream, covering and pressure bar, both horizontally and vertically.

Application Areas: Roof (water sealing), Valley (Closed), Gutter, Parapet, Aluminum facade, Reinforced concrete covering.

- While our product can be produced in desired dimensions, it can be cut to the desired width and produced in thicknesses of 0,5,0,75,1, 1,14 and 1,5.
- It can be applied piece by piece according to the surface on which the water sealing will be made.
- It has high flexibility and adhesion strength since it is integrated with adhesive braided beam. This feature allows it to move with the membrane.
- It can be applied in cold weather conditions.